Landslide Monitoring Equipment - SlideMinder
Wireline Extensometer Slope Monitoring & Warning System

PARTNERS & Distributors

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Call & Nicholas Instruments is a proud partner with GEOengineering Services & Consulting.  GEOengineering is a leader is geotechnical instrumentation instillation and training and is an authorized distributor of all Call and Nicholas Instruments products in South America.  

Reutech Mining is a global leader and manufacturer of slope stability radar. Reutech is also an authorized Africa distributor for the SlideMinder Slope Monitoring & Warning System  which integrates with their radar monitoring system 

Located in Perth, Western Australia, Pangea Geosystems specializes in the design, supply and support of deformation monitoring systems and solutions for a wide range of purposes and industries in Australia and abroad. They are an authorized distributor of the SlideMinder System in Australia, New Zealand and Southeastern Asia.

Call & Nicholas Instruments is a proud partnered with Sensemetrics. Sensemetrics provides a standards-based approach for collecting, organizing, and structuring data from the physical world. By bringing this standardization and ease to the Industrial IoT landscape, we fight the fragmentation that suppresses the adoption of IoT; making collaboration less costly and challenging.