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Wireline Extensometer Slope Monitoring & Warning System
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Geotechnical Instruments

Remote Self-Sustaining & Warning Devices

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Automated Remote Wireline Extensometers

SlideMinder extensometers can be customized to transmit data using 900MHz spread spectrum radio modems configured to comply with regional communication regulations and/or the local Wi-Fi network.  


Dual FOGLight

The FOGLight (Fall of Ground) indicator is an early warning device designed to detect and warn mining crews of separation in the rock above, helping to prevent losses and providing a safer work environment underground. The FOGLight is simple to install, manufactured of tough material, is intrinsically safe and has a highly visible flashing LED indicator to highlight potentially unsafe movement in the hanging wall. The DUAL FOGLight includes the LED functionality of the standard version but includes a second and independent mechanically activated trigger. 

Radio Repeaters & Remote Warning Strobes

900MHz Repeater units are available in Standard and International frequency ranges to accommodate extended distances or line-of-site obstructions. (Not needed with all systems.) Remote Warning Strobe units are available for increased warning visibility.



The FOGStick is an early warning device designed to detect and warn mining crews of closure of the roof above a working area. Upon installation the device is spring loaded between the roof and the floor to monitor closure in an excavation.


Manual Extensometer w/ Visual & Audible Warning

When Remote Telemetry is not required.


Prisms & Targets

Prisms and targets for optical surveying methods.