Why you need a slideminder

The SlideMinder Slope Monitoring & Warning System is the affordable and flexible slope monitoring solution you've been looking for. Accurate, reliable and reasonably priced, the SlideMinder System was developed by the geotechnical consulting firm Call & Nicholas, Inc. in 2003 to be a cost effective and user friendly method of gathering highly accurate slope monitoring data for engineering and safety purposes.

Whether operated as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with existing monitoring and safety equipment, the SlideMinder Slope Monitoring and Warning System is the essential budget-friendly tool for monitoring slope movement in modern surface mining and quarrying.

Unchecked, ground movement in and around open-pit mines, quarries, and dumps can damage or destroy expensive equipment, cause injury and lead to lost production time. SlideMinder addresses these hazards by providing real-time monitoring of ground movement via wireline extensometers, allowing operators to react and mitigate the impact of a potential or ongoing slope failure.