Landslide Monitoring Equipment - SlideMinder
Wireline Extensometer Slope Monitoring & Warning System


Second Generation SlideMinder


The SMII model wireline extensometers are easily deployable, self-powered, and report all their data back to the server via 900MHz radio modules or the local Wi-Fi network.

Designed to be deployed to slopes, benches and highwalls where displacement is of concern each individual SlideMinder is installed at the needed area and the wireline is run out and pinned to the ground to be monitored. Each SlideMinder then measures and reports displacement as well at temperature, accumulated rain, and the current battery charge back to the data collection server via radio or the local Wi-Fi network.

Data Management & Control

OREAD (Observation, Recording, Evaluation, and Administrative Database), is the included data management and control software for the SMII model. This is where data is collected, stored, and displayed in customizable graphs.  OREAD is also where alarms are created, if desired, that can trigger warning devices as well as send emails and text alerts to specified personnel when specific thresholds have been exceeded.

OREAD displays the current displacement, rain, temperature, and battery status for every unit, and also calculates velocity and inverse velocity. All of these measurements and calculations may be graphed for specific date ranges and in the desired units of measure and then exported for reports and analysis. OREAD is a web-based program, and works with most browsers including Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. 

Physical Set-Up

The system in modular in design. The minimum set-up is one SlideMinder and the server (with base station if using 900MHz communication). Once the server is installed the system can accommodate as many additional SlideMinders as are needed for a mine or site. 


The SMII is compatible with NavStar’s GeoExplorer. This option allows for integration of SlideMinders into existing, or future, NavStar monitoring networks.

Note that GeoExplorer will replace OREAD as the data management and control software for all SMII units on site.

How is Measurement Accomplished?

weight encoder brake.png

Constant tension on the wire is maintained through a combination of the counter weight and the magnetic brake. The wireline is run around the counterweight and then around a high resolution encoder before going out to the area of movement. The SlideMinder measures displacement as it occurs using this wireline-encoder-weight combination and then reports it’s data remotely back to the server for storage and analysis.

Every unit comes with two 600 ft. (182m) stainless steel wireline spools. One is already installed on each SlideMinder and a replacement spool is included with each SlideMinder.

We have units we can’t get to four months out of the year. They just keep working