Landslide Monitoring Equipment - SlideMinder
Wireline Extensometer Slope Monitoring & Warning System
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the slideminder

Second Generation Slideminder

  • Field proven to withstand rugged conditions and extreme temperatures

  • Wi-Fi and FHSS radio technologies do not interfere with existing communications. Internationally complient 

  • Complete customization of alarms allows geotechnical personnel to set user-defined warnings for multiple velocities and displacements for each machine

  • Warnings and alarms can activate strobes and be sent via cell phones, web browsers, and e-mail

  • Stand-alone system operates remotely and requires very little maintenance

  • Software utilizes web-based graphing engine that can be viewed and controlled on any computer on the network

  • Allows monitoring throughout a slope failure without damage to the unit

  • Powder coated NEMA4 enclosure

  • Measurements: 16x12x7 inches

Provides remote, continuous, real-time monitoring of slope movement

Easily graph

  • Displacement

  • Velocity

  • Inverse Velocity

  • Battery Voltage and Recharge

  • Temperature

  • Precipitation

OREAD is also where users set and edit Alarms.  Alarms are designed to activate warning devices, if desired, send out emails or text messages to appropriate personnel when specified slope displacement and/or velocities are exceeded. OREAD is included and installed with the initial SlideMinder installation.

Server Requirements

  • Windows 7 or 10, 64-bit

  • 1 GB RAM

  • USB port

  • Video card



Software Aspects

  • Data available in SQL or graphic form

  • User-defined alarms and alarm groups

  • User-specified warning notifications

    • Electronic (Browser/Email/SMS)

    • Physical (Strobes)

  • Monitors and reports battery health and temperature

  • GUI interface allows viewing from internet; multi-user

    availability from any computer on the network


  • (1) - 12V, 14Ah battery (powers unit for weeks w/o solar)

  • 10W solar panel

  • Unit draws 28mA

  • Operating temperature: -40F to 140F (-40C to 60C)


  • Frequency: 902 – 928 MHz FHSS (Standard) or 915.75 – 927 MHz FHSS (International)

  • Range: 2 - 4 miles (3.2 - 6.4 km) with 5 dBi antenna

  • Broadcast power: 1W

  • Repeaters available for extended radio coverage

  • Wi-Fi Capable with WiBox


  • Sensitivity: 0.01 in. or 0.0254cm

  • Encoder resolution: 4096 CPR

  • Wireline: 600 ft or 1000 ft (183 m / 305 m)