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Wireline Extensometer Slope Monitoring & Warning System
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Repeater/Wireless Strobe

Expanding Coverage and Visibility

Radio Repeater & Remote Warning Strobe



  • Frequency: 902 – 928 MHz FHSS (Standard) or 916 – 927 MHz FHSS (International)

  • Range: 4 miles with clear line of sight. Range can vary with terrain and other obstructions

  • Broadcast power: 1W

  • Wi-Fi Capable with WiBox


  • (2) - 12V, 14Ah battery (powers unit for weeks w/o solar)

  • 10W solar panel

  • Unit draws 28mA

  • Operating temperature: -40F to 140F (-40C to 60C)

The SMII eliminates the need to go out and take readings. It provides us great data.