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Wireline Extensometer Slope Monitoring & Warning System



The FOGStick is an early warning device designed to detect and warm mining crews of closure of the roof above a working area. Upon installation the device is spring loaded between the floor and the roof to monitor closure in an excavation.

  • Easy Installation

  • Robust design

  • Does not interfere with mining operations

  • 3 months continuous operation

  • Can be removed from a safe position with a strap

  • Cost effective

  • Available in Various lengths and displacement settings

  • Available with IS Approval for Fiery Mine Environments


The reusable early warning device is factory preset to measure a specified amount of closure and its robust design enhances its suitability for operation in the harshest conditions underground. The unit is designed to reset the measuring datum point every time it is used. The device comprises highly visible flashing LED indicators that indicates potentially unsafe working conditions.